About Team Grounded

About Us

Distribution Partnership
We are excited to name Fitness Wholesale as the exclusive Master Distributor for Team Grounded Lifestyle Awareness Products. Our decision was based upon Fitness Wholesale’s extensive distribution footprint, world-class service, and commitment to positive social and environmental values.

Team Grounded™ was created for the purpose of encouraging a discipline that is consistent with the universally accepted definition of the word “grounded”. Being Grounded is the result of the infinite power of positive suggestion which drives the interpersonal chemistry of the mind and body. It is being unpretentious, possessing a natural and sincere attitude, and behaving and striving for balance in everyday life. This behavior is our visual and verbal expression of who we are.

Team Grounded™ offers a variety of accessories and casual clothing for active men and women who are conscious of health and wellness. Our goal is to become a leading lifestyle brand that will deliver the highest quality and value in fashion basics and functional performance.

The Team Grounded™ brand isn't just about looking good, but feeling good. It is about complete comfort, inside and out, in mind, body and spirit.

Team Grounded™ headquarters are located in Aurora, OH with additional strategic regional locations to be announced.

Why Us
Commitment: We are committed to ethical and responsible business practices that lead to positive social and environmental outcomes. The Company is grounded in each of these disciplines and has a shared understanding throughout our operations.

Ethics: In promoting a Grounded Lifestyle, it should also be noted that there is no final destination in the journey towards ethical, social, and environmental excellence. These are areas open to eternal change. One’s challenge, quite simply, is to strive for continual improvement.